Volume 1- Issue 1- No2 Mar 2014


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Optimal Contrast Enhancement for Remote Sensing Images
Authors : Prathibha.S,Pavithra.C.S,Mettildha Mary.I







Generation of Potential High Utility Itemsets from Transactional Databases
Authors: Rajmohan.C,Priya.G ,Niveditha.C ,Pragathi.R







Comparitive Study On Watermarking Algorithms In Data Compression
Authors: R.Ganesh,Dr.S.Thabasukannan







Comparison of the Discretization Approach for CST and Discretization Approach for VDM
Author : Omar A. A. Shiba







A Tool For Visualisation Of Parsers:JFLAP

Authors :  S.Devakumar , D.S.Bhupal Naik, S.V.Ramakrishna







A Survey on Wireless Intrusion Detection using Data Mining Techniques

Author: R.Venkatesan







Design of ARM Based Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for Embedded System
Author: Bhushan  Khangare , Mrs.A.P.Rathakanthiwar







Silent Sound Technology for Mandari

Authors: Pradeep B.S*      Zhang Jingang







Contending Against Energy Debilitating Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks

Authors : Vidya.M , Reshmi.S







Energy Saving Using Bifurcation of Distribution Transformer
Authors:  Tamizharasi.P, Asha. N , Deepalakshmi.U